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Agile that makes sense.

World class training and coaching.

We offer training and coaching for organisations confronted with volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous challenges.

We do this in a unique way, building on our own extensive hands-on management experience and drawing from the neuroscience of memory, motivation and habit formation.

No boring slide decks. No awkward role-playing. No struggle to stay awake after lunch.
Stijn & Geert

Foundations of an Agile Business

  • No prior Agile training or experience required
  • 1 or 2 days
  • Industry-standard training, and much more
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Agile with Scrum and Kanban

- Ideal for individuals & teams starting with Agile.
- Thorough introduction to / refresher of the underlying principles and valuable practices.
- Complete overview of Scrum and/or Kanban.

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Agile Product Ownership Foundations

- Ideal for stakeholders of Agile teams and product owners with limited experience.
- Introduction of Lean and Agile from a business value perspective.

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Start To Scrum

- Ideal for Agile teams and their stakeholders.
- Everything needed to hit the ground running.

Mastering Business Agility

  • Solid neuroscience basis
  • 2 or 3 days
  • Agile practices that work for you
  • Building extensively on real-life challenges
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Coaching Self-Organising Teams

- Ideal for Scrum Masters, Agile Coaches, Agile Managers.
- Gain a deep understanding of coaching Agile and Scrum.

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Lean/Agile Value Creation Masterclass

- Ideal for Product Owners with some experience.
- Master Product Ownership with Scrum and/or Kanban.

Personal Leadership & Leading Agile Business

  • Solid neuroscience basis
  • 2 days, 1-week residential or 6-month distributed
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Leading Lean & Agile

- Ideal for (senior) management wanting to create an environment where Agile can deliver its full potential.
- Introduction to Lean/Agile, Scrum and Kanban from a management perspective.

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Establishing a Feedback Culture

- Ideal for People Managers, (Agile) Coaches, HR Business Partners, ...
- overview of social neuroscience findings & practical guidance on establishing a productive culture of no-nonsense feedback.

Our Trainers & Coaches

Geert and Stijn both have around 20 years of experience as a manager, trainer & coach. They share a passion for lean/agile, behavioural science and neuroscience. They founded Beyond to take agile coaching and training beyond simplistic techniques and unsubstantiated models, building on solid evidence-based findings from science instead. They help organisations adopt agile practices that actually make sense, because all too often, the way organisations adopt techniques and frameworks doesn’t pay off, leads to frustration and eventually disillusion.

stijn decneut

stijn keynote head

# Experienced IT manager & architect
# Passionate Agile trainer & coach
# Lifelong student of cognitive sciences
# Mountain & wilderness expedition coach

geert de cang

geert conf head

# Experienced project & IT manager
# Passionate Agile trainer & coach
# Curious about evolution and behaviour
# Football crowd inspirator