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It's ... a Blog!

I am not a blogger. At least, that’s what I’ve been convinced of until now.

For years Geert & I have been hearing the same questions after one of our training sessions or presentations. There’s always a few people in the room who come up to us and ask us where they can find our blog. “This was so interesting, I’d be hooked!”

All that time, we had plenty of excuses why there was no blog, some of which we actually believed ourselves:
“We haven’t had time for that yet.” (the classic too busy excuse),
“We just haven’t found the right format yet.” (fail fast applies to you but not to me), and
“We’re not the kind of people who want to share what they ate for breakfast with the entire world.” (caricature, what a convenient emotional defence strategy).

So why have I been so reluctant to get started with blogging? At BEYOND, we preach and teach empiricism daily so we advise people to actively seek feedback on their products early and often. We even have a little metaphor for it: “Your ideas are like little seeds. You will only figure out whether they are any good when you put them into the ground and expose them to the elements. Don’t worry about the shit they may catch; that’s just a fertiliser that helps good ideas grow.” And yet when it comes to our own blog we’ve been doing the exact opposite for years.

Not that we were unsure about the value of our discoveries and learnings. Time and time again participants of our training sessions tell us how valuable this stuff is for them, from hundreds of surveys we know that we’re actually very good at what we do, and we are able to make a decent living of the job we love. So Ikigai-wise, we should be good.

So what’s holding his back well the bare essence of of of human nature of Viking we’re not rational beings seeing in putting out evidence that something is valuable on ikigai doesn’t convince also doesn’t give the confidence and the motivation you need to actually do it we need something else we need to overcome basic human fear and we need to find ways for motivation here and now now

Human fear? I ain’t afraid of No Ghost. There’s nothing to be afraid about right well well unfortunately that’s not how our brain works no matter how profoundly we rationally understand and that something is safe if we cannot control our little ancient brain deep within it’s like telling my wife if that chances of a spider actually hurting her her pretty slim that’s not going to convince her or make her feel any safer what are we like it or not humans are very much driven by fierce and one of the most prominent powerful force that we have is a fear of social exclusion am I getting kicked out of the band

By looking at our blog as the ultimate means of convincing humanity certain incredibly valuable ideas and the pivotal way to to gain credibility reputation knowing that the whole world is able to see what we wrote simply makes it a very daunting endeavour

But we like a challenge so so why is this one so so tough we do crazy should all the time in our trainings and our workshops and I guess there’s something else playing as well doing the craziest sheets in our trainings has become sort of a habit for us it didn’t just happen overnight it grew our ability to to experiment and safely try why wild things grew over many years of of the fighting training relentlessly looking for improvements while being highly appreciated time and time again.

And that’s very different from writing even a single blog post.